Documenting my Outreachy Journey

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Outreachy Wrap-up

Well, here we are again. I can’t believe that this is the last blog post I will write about my Outreachy internship. It seems like only yesterday, I introduced myself and my project to the world, and here I am today, wrapping up. The past three months have been filled with immense growth and positivity …

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Career Goals

Okay, so the theme of the blog this week is slightly different. Instead of talking about my Outreachy internship, this time, I am going to talk about how I wish to move forward after I complete my Outreachy internship. When one thinks of something like a career goal, often a lot of thoughts come to …

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Modifying Expectations

Halfway into my internship, I can gladly say that I have accomplished several milestones with my project. Over the past six weeks, there has been immense learning involved. Looking back at myself before I was involved with this project, I can see how much I have grown through the experience so far. And the best …

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